Who are we?

Viennese is a training company based in Riga, the capital of Latvia, Northern Europe. 

Here we have developed an interesting approach for psychological training – board game based training. The idea was born almost 10 years ago when our colleagues from Nordic Training International started to use board games in business training for companies. Through this experience, we realized that game is a great environment to practice skills that are necessary for work and everyday life as well.

So far, we have developed various games that trains empathy skills, emotion recognition, emotional intelligence, self-reflection, gives insights on current relationships, values and intentions.

We strongly believe that game can become a good tool only if it is facilitated by a professional. Thus, our games are provided only as an instrument for professionals with background education in psychology, coaching, counseling, education or mental health. Each facilitator must have completed an instructors training that we provide to every customer online. In this way, we make sure that playing Viennese board games is not only fun but also beneficial. 

How do we develop our games?

Each game is developed by a group of specialists. Usually a psychologist is responsible for the theoretical part that underlines every game and then an experienced game developers find a way how to incorporate the theory into a game mechanism that would not just underline the idea but also be engaging for players.

Who can play them?

Mostly Viennese psychological board games are developed for adults and teenagers. Our games are made for different kind of environments – business, universities, high-schools, personal development centers, training companies, coaching, clinical environment, individual practice, etc.

How can you purchase the games?

You can purchase the games any time and worldwide by contacting us. See the Contact Us section and fill the form there mentioning the titles of the games and our project manager will contact you as soon as possible. We prefer personal communication, therefore you can ask us any questions before the purchase.