An Innovative Approach to Coaching and Counseling

Viennese is a personal development company with a mission to help its clients gain a deeper understanding of self, enhance personal relationships with others and achieve both personal and professional life goals – thus, improving their quality of life.


In order to reach its mission, the company has developed various psychological games with a purpose of providing their players with an exciting, practical experience in gaining a deeper understanding of oneself, others, improvement of both personal and business relationships, as well as, attainment of personal, business and community goals. 

A psychological board game is a useful tool for a professional to use – it is engaging, fun and powerful. Each game has its own topic, such, as emotional intelligence, empathy, team-building, communication, intentions, etc. During the game process, players can practice certain skills, gain some knowledge through game mechanisms, get the feedback from other players and the facilitator.   We believe that best learning happens through practical experience.

Based in Latvia and providing our games worldwide. 

Business Training Games

Our partners Nordic Group develop various business games for time management, team building, leadership and other topics.

If you are interested in business training games please visit the website of Nordic Group

Educational Board Games

Our partners CooolToool and I'M Games provide many educational games on different subjects (math, chemistry, social sciences etc.) for high school students.

If you are interested in educational games please visit the website of CooolToool

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