Become an instructor of board game based training!

Board game is just a board game without deeper knowledge how to turn it into a coaching tool. 

Thus, with each game you will also receive a toolkit that enhances the effectiveness of the game:

  • 3 online live Skype sessions with experienced board game based training facilitators from our Viennese family
  • Detailed game script for the facilitator, that includes extended description of the rules, examples of the questions to ask during the game, tips and tricks how to get the most out of the game experience
  • Game rules for players
  • Special offer for other Viennese board games

But why games?

Why should I use a board games as a tool to work with my clients? That is a question that arises quite often among professionals who consider to implement board game based training into their practice. 

Here are some answers, given by professionals that already use games in their work – therapy, business training, student counseling and coaching.

  • Game creates a safe environment to try new (or already existing) skills, it is safe to experiment, use different strategies, express yourself more freely. People can train their skills during the game, whether it is empathy, emotional awareness or strategic thinking.
  • Game gives many new insights about the interactions and communication between players. As a well-taught instructor, you can reflect on those interactions, therefore creating a fruitful discussion.
  • Throughout the process of play people can put aside their masks and become child-like. During the game it is easier to put aside the socially acceptable behavior and thoughts and express what truly is on ones mind.
  • During the game people use less defensive mechanisms and trained facilitator can observe the most common ones that are used also when the game is played.
  • Learning by doing is always the most effective way how to incorporate new skills in your life. You can read about empathy, you can listen to lectures about it, but you can really understand what it is only when you experience a situation when you express it.

How to apply?

  1. Choose which board games matches your professional needs and interests. The catalog is available here.
  2. Make sure you have time for the learning process. To become a facilitator of a board game, you need to learn the game rules, script and attend at least 2 of the 3 online Skype meetings. It may take around 12-24 hours but varies among our scholars.
  3. Send an application e-mail to clearly stating which games would you like to purchase, your name and the organization (if applicable) you represent.
  4. The further communication then will be proceeded through e-mail to discuss the details and special needs.
  5. Once the payment is transferred, games will be sent to the address you indicated and shipped as soon as possible.